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  1. Cheers for putting in the hard yards guys. Might go out and buy one of those ShortCircuit kits to get some skills then try my hand at building a Fatman from PAiA. This is gonna be fun.
  2. Thanks Jester. I've done a bit of looking but haven't really found a kit to try my hand on. Can you recommend anything? A website or store that specialises in this kind of thing?
  3. ...more accurately, can i build it? Having never built anything electronic, besides soldering together some kind of door alarm thingy in a grade ten metalwork class, I've decided that it might be a hobby I'd be into. I have no gear, no experience and no idea what to do next. I'd like to put something together that'll make noises, hopefully of the squelchy bassy variety. What gear do i need? Is there a kit out there that might be a good starter? Any help much appreciated.
  4. Free crepes if you can find me soundpunkers. It's gonna be both sweet and savoury ones. I already have a stall at the market selling stanthorpe apples (they're the best kind) so my girl, who's french, is gonna be running the crepes. Menu stands currently at Sweet Lemon & sugar Jam Nutella Banana Banana Nutella Savoury Any combo of Ham, cheese, egg, tomato, baby spinach Open to suggestions if anyone's had a particularly nice crepe anywhere. Also, called the market and they're saying they need to get an electrician out and take a look to see how they're going power wise. They had a fire there couple of weeks ago, caused by electrical i guess, so they're feeling a bit skittish about overloading things. Might have to go for a gas-powered crepe machine...
  5. It's for making crepes at a local flea market. I realised a long time ago that working for the man is for suckers. This way i get to be my own boss. Now i've got to go and suss out their power supply and see if they're wired for it. I suppose they probably are, it's a pretty industrial looking setup they've got there. Cheers jester, i knew you'd have the answer.
  6. Really sorry, but this is totally not music related. I'm sure quite a few of you guys know how this shit works though. I wanna buy this thing The salesman started talking about 15amp power vs 10amp power, and asking are my power outlets wired for this etc etc...went way over my head anyway. So...can i run this machine off your average wall socket?? Advice much appreciated. peace
  7. much more impressive was that magic trick he did where he turned his hands inside out. So easy, but i managed to flip a few people out doing it.
  8. Hi guys. I'm having a little trouble with my computer and have decided to open it up and try fixing it myself. I think i've narrowed it down to a dead video card, so i'm gonna replace it. Anyway, motherboard is a Asus A8V-X VIA K8T800 Pro Socket 939 ATX see picture here and i'd like to buy the video card from here I don't do anything super taxing with my computer, just internet porn and word processing. As a result just something super cheap that will work is the order of the day. peace and cheers for the help
  9. At the risk of sounding like a grandpa.... It's a PHONE! "ring ring, ring ring. Hello, are you happy with your long distance rate?" It's for calling in sick with and swearing at telemarketers. You younguns, with your bluetooth this and your whatcha-ma-cloud that. "Look at all my hot new apps, This app lets me shove my IPhone in my ass and pleasures 6 different erogenous zones. Thank you Istore." I got one of those old school nokias. No camera, No bluetooth, No internets. Bounce, Mobile soccer and Millenium Mission are my "apps". I've dropped this thing more times than i can count, it's indestructible. The really amazing thing about it though makes phone calls. You can have my Nokia if you want....FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS.
  10. tell me about it. Every record has some half remembered story attached to it.
  11. I know there's only a handful of dj's on here, but thought it might be worth posting. Records are $10 a pop. Captain Terrific and Archie i'm looking in your general direction here Aquasky – Wheels of steel/yeah sucka – white label Aquasky Vs Crash berlin feat kool keith – Movin the Hype track – Passenger Aquasky Vs MasterBlaster – Stayfresh EP – Shadow CrypticAquasky vs MB – Direct Hit/War/coffee – fuzzy breaks Aquasky(I think) – Red out/? – White label Atomic Hooligan + Skool of thought – Left Hand/Turn it up – Trigger Recordings Atomic hooligan/sicknote/distortionz/quest & Ben coupland – Urban Funk Breaks 3 EP Botchit and Scarper Backdraft & Eskmo – Time to React/Basement – Downbeat productions Baitercell and Schumacher – What’s down low/ aquasky remix – Passenger Baobinga – The good the bad and the Ugly EP – Promo Baobinga & Splitloop – Steelzawheelz remixes – West Records Breakfastaz – Hardknox/ Hardknoz (ctrl-z remix) – SelectaBreaks BreakFastaz – Psycho/Freefall – White Label Circuit Breaker – Phonque – Vertical Sound Deekline & Wizard – 4x4x4/Sun is Shining – Botchit and scarper Deekline and wizard – Breaks Beats and Blondes EP – Botchit and Scarper Deekline and Wizard – Truth is a lie/Bodypopper – Botchit and Scarper Deekline Vs Freq Nasty – Every Posse & Crew – Rat Records Deep Impact – Methods VIP Remix – Supercharged Deep Impact – White label – No idea, at a guess, carpet something something Distortionz – Can of Worms – Mechanoise Distortionz – Hitman/Slingshot – Hardcore Beats Distortionz – Onion Ringz VIP/Terrorise your city – Hardcore Beats Distortionz – Pure Play/Hero – Bass Invaderz Distortionz vs Deep impact – Rock Da House/Demonz – Bass Invaderz Dj mutiny – Resistance/Art of fighting – Supercharged Dj mutiny – The good the Bad and the Ugly EP – Cyberfunk Dj Mutiny + Quest – Whatcha Gonna Do?/Bboy Propel – White Label Dj Mutiny vs Baitercell + Inchie v Merfie – Test Press VIP/Rowdy Time – white Label Ed209 – Infectious Remixes(Distortionz & Ils) – Hardcore Beats ED209 vs Quest – Blackhole/Swordpen – Rat Records Eskmo – Only a Few/Forces of Spirit – Downbeat Productions Factor E – Swingpunk/Swingpunk(aqua vs masterblaster remix) – LowPhat recordings Factor E, Knick & Autobots – Kool Down – Supercharged Fatboy Slim- Praise you/rockafeller Skank(DnB remix) – Skint Records Funky Albino – Example – White label Hardcore Beats 3 Album sampler – Shimano-Baddest DJ VIP/Rennie Pilgrem vs Deekline- Rippin up wax – Rat Records Heat Eectric EP Ivory – Blaze a trail (OG plus 3 remixes, including Breakfastaz) – Chinese Pop Records Kid Kay Ferris – Phil Collins Running - Hussle & Bussle Koma & Bones – Black Satsuma/Basic Emotion – TCR Krafty Kuts & Skool of thought – Soundcheck Remix (quest and mutiny) – Supercharged Krafty Skillz – Insane Bangers EP – white label Kultur – If you want…/Loud! – Reflex Music MC Skibadee – Man-a-Man – Rat Records Nectarious – Wave after Wave/Humming – Streetwise Records Nu Breed – EP one (bring that sound/Jaded/Harpooned) – Mob records Quest + Odissi – Meltdown/Tearsmasher – Cyberfunk Phrenetic – No danger/Fatal – Mechanoise Price Cuts – That’s Right/Street Punks – Lab-Rok Records Price Cuts/ B.Arch/Yoshimoto – The Throwdown EP 2 – Lab Rok Quest – Gravelmuncha Remixes (I think distortionz did one) – White label Rennie Pilgrem – Zero(rennie pilgrem’s agatha stomp) – Streetwise Rhibosome – Get ready/Impulse – Hydrofunk Scam – Killer/So good – Deepcut Sensei Allstars + CTRL-Z – Give it to ‘em/Badman – Hardcore beats Skeewiff – Booty Shaker EP – Japapeno Records Slide – Slippedy Slide/Humming – Fingerlickin Slyde – Krunk/That’s it – Fingerlickin Records Splitloop – Both Knees/Glitterati – Music Downstairs Stabilizer – Bounce Feat MC Chickaboo – Plastic Raygun Stereo 8 – Can’t Stop – White label Stereo 8 – Groove Diggin/Get above yourself – Fingerlickin Sunz of mecha, Quest & Ken Mac – Gimme The Weed – white Label The Autobots – Rocky(remixes by distortionz & quest/mutiny) – White Label The Autobots – Rocky/Shed dub) – Botchit Breaks The AutoBots + Deep Impact – Spanish Tune/The future – Broke The Autobots, Factor-E + Knick – Bounce Dem/Bounce Dem (breakfastaz mix) – Skuff The Inchinga Project (AKA Baobinga & CTRL-Z) – Falla/Wikkidest Wine – Downbeat Productions The Young Punx – Got your Number(4 mixes) – White Label Transformer Man – Murder on the love boat/Giant – 777 Unknown – Darkness/Your time – White Label Unkown – On a Ragga Boot – White label
  12. I know you doubted my question answering abilities. I hope i passed the audition.
  13. Question: Any chance we can get a demo?? Answer: yes. Question: Try before you buy kind of stuff?? Answer: just because you put a question mark after something doesn't make it a question.
  14. anyone interested?
  15. While highly unoriginal, the truth is i want my music to sound just like this guys. If you'd like to have a listen to the album "wobble factor" on that site, you'll know what i mean. It's just so nasty and awesome. My question is, i have 1. MPC1000 2. Novation BassStation 3. Turntable for sampling stuff. Do i have the necessary ingredients for making this ball tearing music? And if i don't, what is my missing ingredient? (besides talent) I'm guessing this guy is a synth programming genius and i guess i fall down in that area. Any advice on how he gets his crazy sound appreciated. Peace out