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  1. Ok, so last night my wife plugged in her hairdryer in the next room and I swear at the same time the step-down transformer started to hum, as in a loud audible hum coming from the box... I think I might take my chances with a power conditioner and see what happens from there.
  2. Spectrum! Thanks for the reply, I missed it until now! The hum is weird, at first I thought I could only hear it from the audio outputs - mainly from the SP1200, and monitoring into my main 12 channel mixer. Then, after trying a different step-down transformer, afterwards I swear I could hear a hum coming from the actual transformer and one of my turntables... Also, now my other sampler seems to have a louder hum coming from it's audio outputs. Sigh, but like I said the second step-down transformer has made the hum a fair bit softer... So I tried snapping off the earth and almost died, haha. Everything is running of two outlets, one plate with two female outlets. I have the step-down transformer running off one of the outlets - then plugged into a USA multi-outlet board, and all the 240 volt / Australian gear is plugged into the very next outlet. I have a shitty M-Box Mini also! But I haven't set up my laptop + interface etc. yet, just outboard devices like the samplers etc. The hum is really starting to send me insane, I have an OCD problem with stuff like this.
  3. Hi guys, long time absolutely no posting! So, after a long time in storage I have finally pulled all my gear out and set it all up. I started sampling and playing around and after a while noticed this terrible hum coming from my SP1200. After some detective work I figured out it was the step-down transformer I was using for a few different pieces of equipment. I tried a different transformer I had lying around and it improved the hum, but its still there and driving me crazy! I looked into solutions, and one found was a power conditioner. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience to lend here? Will a power conditioner help when still using a setp-down transformer? Any help, advice etc. is greatly appreciated, thanks guys!!
  4. Are the ads still around? I don't see any?
  5. ^^^lolz this is really cool!
  6. macrabbit CSSEdit fan here, hehe. Haven't properly checked out Espresso yet tho... I'm used to pretty big monitor setup too, but I still want one
  7. I also want an iPad, just interested Cheyne, you code CSS on yours? Or just simple editing? Just wondering how you find it for tasks like that.
  8. Thanks a lot Cheyne! Sounds exactly like what I am after, will give the demo a go
  9. So, the date for my wedding in Australia is totally looming. One thing I actually care about planning is the music. Basically I want to simply mix tracks together to create one continuous seamless(ish) mix over the whole event. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some fairly simple software that is up to this task? I am prepared to spend some money. I am by no means a n00b when it comes to doing stuff on computers, but I have never really used much audio software besides editing single files etc. I guess I need bpm features? I'm not sure... If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. Help me Punks, you're my only hope!
  10. wow, lookin' good!
  11. Man I want one too right now, just don't wanna have to upgrade my phone plan for one
  12. Damn, thats alotta nice gear, hope you get a decent price for everything, I have had some bad 99 cent auction experience lately.
  13. ;D we're still waiting on you Mango!
  14. yeah I am kinda curious about the vailixi. Aus eBay is pretty local for a 3K, was it a decent price if you don't mind me asking? They seem to float between $1500 - $2000 over here (Japan) I really am super tempted to pick one up.
  15. Very nice, I've always wanted one. Did you cop it locally?