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  1. Nice one!
  2. So this is probably the best system available from this list of power PAs from Store DJ for around or under the 2k mark?
  3. Hey Punks, Had a bit of a search and couldn't find what I'm after which is a half decent guitar synth - ideally more towards the jazzy/acoustic end than electric/rock - any ideas? Free would be good but not essential... Thanks and apologies if this has been done (which I'm sure it has)
  4. I download my tracks in batches from each store periodically. So when I download tracks from stompy I'll burn them at about 10 per disc and make 2 copies of the disc. I have a CD printer so I just print the titles on the actual disc and also I have a template for Stompy, Traxsource & Beatport and change the colour with each new batch I download. I end up with a section of Beatport CDs, Stompy CDs and Traxsource CDs, each is colour coded and I find I can look at the colours of the CD and get a general idea of the tracks on it. I'm thinking there's some subconscious relationship between colour and vibe going on in my head, which seems lucky if not plausible! Either way I find this system works really well and have been using it for over a year now. I play out every weekend too so it's well road tested!
  5. Care to repost? FYI in the end we've gone with a brand new system in the venue, a nice JBX 18" Sub plus a load of JBL boxes, fuckin sweet system it is too. And yeah, gone with 2 patch panels in the wall, the whole wireless thing was a nightmare. I should have listened to you folks earlier!
  6. I've always used CDs so i've had a few in my time. Started out with Numakr CDN 24 which was great to learn on. Moved up to a CDN 35 which was cool but with no pitch bend buttons it was a tad annoying to use as the wheel had to be spun to get the tracks to mix, far from intuitive I thought. At work I use Numark CDX, awesome pieces of kit, if excessively bulky. But the FX and overall ease of use is second to nothing I've used up to this point. I picked up a pair of Technics SLDZ 1200 players last year as they were heavily discounted at the time. Worth $999 each but not worht the current asking price of $1750. I like the idea of a spinning platter but that's just me. The Technics have a few major flaws which I'm happy to overlook as they're really nice to mix with. Happy to elaborate on any of the above if anyone wants more info!
  7. It's prolly just the protocol that they're breaching rather than it being used for any illicit purposes, AFAIK the higher the frequency the lower the range so it would seem odd for it to be anything like ASIO etc... Pity!
  8. Nice one lads, will investigate those options for sure. One problem that occurred when testing an AV transmitter/receiver setup was that there was a huge amount of interference from what I can only assume was the amount of coolers/pumps etc in the bar. So the 2.4GHz frequency seems to be able to overcome that...
  9. I'll just add to the "American Audio: Just Say NO!" campaign! I did an audtion type thing a couple of weeks ago and the DJ who was on before me brought his own gear (!!?) it was an American Audio mixer/CD player combo box. It just died 3 times in 30 minutes, the music would just stop, all the lights came on on the CD players, lol! He then proceeded to tell us all aobut this cool website for getting heaps underground stuff that hardly anyone has heard of, I think it was called BeatPort or something, heaps underground though (I feel since I'm new I should point out that I was being heavily sarcastic just then), so yeah, moral this time is that only idiots who think BeatPort and electro house are underground buy American Audio gear. It was only 6 months old!
  10. Sorry, missed your reply Jay, the point is that the venue I'll be playing at is a fairly up market styled joint (in Port Macquarie!!??) and they wanted the DJ to be almost invisible rather than have a venue with a DJ as a main feature, more just sit in the background setting the vibe. also we wanted to be able to have the DJ locate anywhere around the venue and hard-wiring patch panels wasn't an option. So i've tested it and there is a significant lag, about 1 second. Means I have to mix solely through the headphones but there is surely a better piece of kit than the Music Anywhere that'll broadcast a live signal?
  11. I have yet to test it for latency but by removing the bufferring I can get it to pretty much play in real time. It is for a DJing setup. I'll test it with a little demo mix and post my results...
  12. It's one of those ones they do when they can't get clearance for the tune they really wanted, in this case I'd say it's a poor interpretation of Leftfield's "Phat Planet" with a hint of Smack My Bitch Up. Either way both of those tracks would piss on that and the Chris Lake bootleg of Phat Planet is pretty good if you're looking for something a bit more dancefloor orientated...
  13. I actually found a solution that I'd suspected would work and when someone on another forum mentione dit I tried it. I used winamp to setup a shoutcast server and then used another instance to play the stream via the localhost (http://localhost:8000), once I've minimised the bufferring etc it works like a charm. It may be wise to use a different media player to receive the stream because of possible confusion with plugins initialising. Not sure how stable it'll be at this stage but I plan to test it soon. Moral: Never say never Jay!
  14. Doesn't look like what I'm after, I'm planning on using a BCD and run the output from it into the line in on my lappy and then bounce that signal off the HDD and back out through winamp. So i need something that records on the fly and pretty much nowt else... Thanks anyway
  15. So I need some advice on running a wireless PC based DJ setup. Using logitech music anywhere I can broadcast an MP3 from a transmitter to a receiver. However it won't take live audio input so I need to bounce my line input signal off the HDD and back out through winamp to the music anywhere setup. What software will let me record a live stream direct to disk? :-