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  1. Well I wrote an email to the parent company in the states with a polite "please explain". The distribution guys here are a bunch of muppets. The problem w importing is then the warranty repair: this has 5 year warranty, be nice to get it done here (heavy arsed amp be exxy to ship back). Also retailers in US may not ship out here too. Hmmmmm
  2. Hey Punks, Just essentially another post to vent my, stomp up and down, have a 3 year old tanty, frustration at this quote I received today: Looking at this beautiful guitar amp called an ODS 50w head (custom US hand made) which sounds absolutely the biz: www.fuchsaudiotechnology.com, listen to some of the example files - absolute creamy heaven. US list price: ODS 50w head $3295 USD, 2x12 cabinet $820 USD. Quote from Australian distributer: ODS 50w head $6096 AUD, 2x12 cabinet $1637 AUD, plus freight. Dirty Motherfuckers.... I really would like to buy it, but I also dont want to be completely fucked over. Hmmmm ***end rant***
  3. http://ardrone.com.au/ That is all... PS roboJester prob knows of better products: bring 'em. I specifically want one that can fetch beer via cargo rope.
  4. Hey Marky, I'm in a similar situation to you at the moment. I found this pretty cool tutorial on youtube re making build up FX. I've been using a similar method to the first one for a while, but using an element of the actual track (synth/vocal) as the "trigger" sample for the long reverb tail, so that it sort of blends in. Adding in the automated filters and pans gives variation, and changing the timing of the automation before and after the drop changes it up even more. Should post some examples of your experiments too. Here it is: The dude goes through it pretty quick - seems like he knows what he's on about (EDIT - no [media] tags required anymore, just link and you're away... - Spec)
  5. Some interesting points there punks, thanks! It is a bit boggling when you put it like that. ie USA owned company, manufacturing in Asia, distributing form elsewhere, via the Bahamas. When all I see is you can buy x product in the USA for $800 USD, whilst here the same product after doing the rounds ends up at $1800 AUD. That said though it is very variable. I purchased some other US made outboard gear recently from the Aussie distributor and the prices were (I feel) very competitive. I ended up getting the gear delivered here for ~+10% on MSRP in the US, with the benefit of local warranty etc. The DT 990's, Spec, turned up with a crackly L speaker. It's only really noticeable when you solo something like a bass drum, which is why it took me a couple of weeks to hear it. Also surprisingly I've had pretty poor customer service from them I have not heard back from an email I sent them asking about their DOA policy/procedures.
  6. Yo Punks! Long time no see. I've started to lurk around here again (its been ages) and this is due to yet another career break ha ha. I've been starting to write a bit more lately and will hopefully post some stuff in the next little while. Cheyne - I like what you've done with the place - looking very schmick and easy to get about (not that the previous versions weren't that). Anyhow this is just a general question for those in the retail industry or just anyone who has a clue about this. So with the AUD/USD going from around .81 to .99 or thereabouts since June, you would think this is an opportune time to buy lots of stuff (hell I have been). Interestingly I've been stung purchasing direct from the US recently (a pair of DT 990's turned up DOA, surprisingly, and I have to send them back for repair under warranty - no big deal) so I've decided to try and support Aussie retailers more. However, I've been ringing a few places regarding some things and their prices are still waaaaaaay above US list prices, let alone the fact that most places in the US discount reasonably heavily. I enquire as to why there has not been any change in their price structure and a common refrain is that "the price of freight has gone up". Now one part of me thinks that may be the case, another more paranoid part thinks it's like the banks saying they've raised interest rates above the RBA because the costs of borrowing have increased (meanwhile making record profits). Can the price of freight outweigh the benefit of the buying power for the $? Doubt it. Anyhow point being: why is there seemingly no benefit from the stronger AUD? Has it to do with when the goods are purchased or is there something I'm missing? Ta Punks, Matt
  7. Nice work all but seriously Groovewell...... :wtf: :cans: :clap:
  8. Siiiick. Love this groove. Layering is tops, reminds me of a digital witchcraft set I had on rotation a while back...
  9. Yeah cheers mate, I'll prob use it for recording in the next couple of days, refund it and get you to check it all out when I get back from OS.
  10. Fixed!! :cans: Hey everyone, esp JF and E for all your offers of help. Bought this baby as above. $130 that I didn't want to spend, but no-one in Newcastle, and even a heap of Sydney computer shops didn't have them for me to pick up today (needed to record tonight). Read quite a few posts randomly on the net that described very similar problem to mine on the Ricoh chipset. One with MOTU, a few with Firebox(?pod). Said problem fixed with TI chipset FW - so I risked it and gave it a crack. All fine now which is just as well, cause I was tossing a coin about whether to throw my Dell or MOTU out the window first. Thanks again :-* :-* Matt
  11. Motherfucker....
  12. Mate, I would be honourered if you spared the time next week. Unfortunately i'm trying to record on monday, so i'll struggle along by myself. Would be keen to see you regardless
  13. No not readily available, but a mate has a XPS 1550 that may have the same chipset, might try that
  14. I know its a shame isn't it. I was really looking forward to the wang factor of rocking around with lots of various shaped, different coloured boxes to exhibit my audio wankery - that and actually doing some recording and stuff. I think I will try change the FW cable. Forgot to mention but the firmware is 1.15 (the most utd as far as I can tell) - and has been runnin fine for over a year on desktop...
  15. Tanks heaps everyone. Cheyne - this firewire controller is ohci RICOH, presumably not yumcha like the old lappy - thought XPS red would be fine it's running off power point. The only thing I haven't tried replacing is the actual cable, but I don't really see how a cable fault would lead to intermittant operation, I would have expected nothing to work if that was the case. e - What happens is it is going along seet in DAW or windoze media playa (and being evident in the Windoze sounds screen). Then will get random audio drops, nil clicks or pops just stutters of silence. Sometimes it comes back and continues, mostly it just stops and the DAW comes up with "Motu device disconnected, please reconnect". Switch MOTU off and start again and it just goes on its merry way for another minute or more, then does the same again. Have nothing else on the same IRQ as far as I can tell. Have disabled everything - except the DVD - i'll try that this pm, but has not made a difference. Tanks once again guys MAtt