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  1. i am really keen on getting some etymotic iems
  2. ??? WTF
  3. i feel like im flogging a dead horse here but this is back in my possession and for sale price reduced $300 i will sell my oto biscuit + lex reverb for $700 (i just bought new monitors and need to recoup costs as im supposed to be saving for travelling - please help)
  4. have you got the carbon111 guide to evolver? it is awesome download from here there is also an editor make by stretta
  5. i usually get inspired by certain chord progressions or by textures in music when i get inspired by a certain song or sound or something i load lots of that stuff onto my ipod and just immerse myself in it after a while you cant get it out of your head - it is almost like you are hypnotising yourself to remember it then when you get home just dive in
  6. what!! you have ableton on your work machine ?!?!??!? how does that happen internet is a bad enough distraction for me - messenger services and half of the web is blocked and i still manage to shirk about 1-2 hours of the day
  7. My girlfriend bought me a new coffee stove top perc and a whole bunch of coffee. Cant use it till Xmas but the whole house has the scent of the coffee. I just bought an Alesis midiverb I I found out you can load the midifx effects onto the eprom at the same time as the midiverb so you can have a 12bit FX + reverb in the one box
  8. i wouldn't bother i got all concerned about key back when i was getting into club dj'ing as i watched a lot of other people do it my observations of mixing in key 1- it takes a lot of the satisfaction away from djing as you never get to play the tunes you want 2- a lot of the time people cant make good progressions so they just sit in the same key and the set becomes flat 3- you have to buy so many more tunes to construct sets 4- the whole pitch up/down key change did my head in there are certainly genres of music where it can really work well but once again you want to know your progressions to make it work well i'd rather just go out and play the crowd wants to hear and whatever in your box suits the theme of the night after awhile you will be able to do with subconsciously (without keying your records or anything) because you know your sound and your tunes
  9. It is really frustrating trying to sell stuff second hand on international forums and people keep pulling you aside telling you the price is more expensive than what it retails for in the states. Drives me mad. I am also vexed with freight I have to order components from around the globe every couple of months and some distributors think it is wise to only recommend the most expensive forms of shipping You have to plead with them post order to change shipping methods. I recently ordered a bunch of banana cables from Testpath and they tried to charge me $120 in shipping and the cables only came to about $80. I had shipped a few kg's of records from the states a few weeks earlier for about $40 :/
  10. same love the idea never been a gamer but this would turn me
  11. yeah true but it is up to the consumer to buy it lots of people are suckers and need to have the latest and greatest to feel cool i still have an old palm trio phone which was a hand-me-down and im in no rush to upgrade i have a 4 year old macbook pro which is still forging well (ive given it some maintenance in that time mind you) was it normal to get os upgrades on phones before iphone and andriod came out?
  12. Camera will come eventually they like to milk the features out slowly with each upgrades. Multitasking is coming with OS4. But that kills your battery life. IF it had a camera it would be so good to skype with
  13. Hey Everyone I am planning on going overseas next year and I am trying to raise a little cash. To do this i decided i might spend some time working on projects to sell as i have done in the past. They will be modular synth style effects but packaged for desktop use and can be used for guitar, synth and even modular synth line levels They will all be similar to this optical phaser i made a few years ago, unless i can find some new ways to package them but i kind of like these designs Im not going to make batches of each, just a single unit or perhaps a second if someone really wants one bad enough At the moment im looking for general interest and to create a mailout list so i can offer them for sale once they are complete If you are interested please send me a PM with your email (i promise i wont distribute the email list) The prices will be specific to parts + time but and i wont announce the cost until the units are completed (no pre-orders) Im working on a 3 band resonator (formant filter) and a 20 pole phaser at the moment So yeah let me know if your keen (no commitments just general interest) If there are certain kinds of effects you guys are interested in i am all ears but i wont be doing anything dsp related (yet)
  14. ipad is only as good as your uses for it for me it is brilliant i no longer have to lug my text / reference material to work i have them all as ebooks in kindle / borders apps. ebooks are the best and will get cooler and cooler by the day when im building stuff in the studio i use the pdf reader to review schematics also i can test circuits using icircuit ontop of that i have some fun music apps and visual design/display apps the battery lasts days which a full os will not do all the apps i have are quality and seem to be getting upgraded each month with new features also internet browsing is great on it tho i am yet to put a sim card into mine, i dont really need it, for me i dont consider the cost worthwhile just for roaming internet i can see for some people they cannot get over the closed system thing. they thing they are being restricted somehow but i think it is because they cannot adapt sure there are some situations where it does not benefit. i think there is a real benefit to the closed system in some respects ,i would hate it if apple was the only company in the market but since it is not i think closed environment is fine they have their own stuff and it is all about how well that suits your life
  15. at musicswopshop now if anyone wants it from here let me know and ill pull it out