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  1. Im definately getting a Korg zero4 when it comes out, so if we can get zero4s then im definitely in.
  2. Hey guys, Birthday is coming up and i wanna buy some new gear. I wanna start writing some nice lush Proggy pieces of music Atm ive got: MBP Ableton Remote SL Maudio fast track pro Truths. I was thinking i need a vsynth since ableton doesnt come w/ an inbuilt one. What vsynth is easy to program for a beginner but also is great for those in the know? So far ive been researching these vsynths: - Korg Legacy Collection - NI Massive - NI FM8 - How about operator? Are there any others i should add to this list? I was thinking about getting something for drums like NI Battery. Is it worth while for a beginner or are the stock drums in the ableton library ample. Are samplers like Ableton Sampler and NI Kontact worth getting? What exactly do they do? Thanks for the help guys!
  3. i found a good resource for ableton live djing. also check out this guy has a beginners guide to djing w/ ableton. but has taken it offline. i heard this was a great resource. let me know if you find it coz i would love a copy
  4. How about this book? The Complete Guide to Remixing: Produce Professional Dance-Floor Hits on Your Home Computer This book any good? Amazon have an offer going. You can buy this and Dance Music Manual for US$42.84 Worth getting?
  5. Thanks mate. will have a look in there.
  6. Sorry for being vague. I shoulda listed a couple of artists. People like Andy Caldwell, Kaskade, Miguel Migs, Chuck Love, JT Donaldson, Bryan Jones. All those artists from labels like OM and Salted Music. Same kinda sound that used to be Huge in sydney but has died down for now. Not at home at the moment but ive found a few tracks that have the rhodes piano kinda sound that im looking for. JT Donaldson - Trust Me Chuck Love track Ill post up some exact samples when i get home.
  7. Hey Guys, Been dabbling lately in some production, mostly in progressive / electro. been using a few vsts to get some real nice electronic sounds. want a bit of a change so i thought about making some deephouse but cant get any of my vsts to sound any less electronic. Anyone have any suggestions for any free / cheap or even expensive vsts/soft synths that would give me that deephouse sound? ive heard that rhodes are used quite a bit in deephouse. anyone have any free rhodes synths?
  8. Does this book go into music theory and structure? any other suggestions?
  9. Name: JR Age: 24 Location: Sydders Occupation: Business Analyst Fav types of music: atm i love prog. lawler, digweed, sasha, desyn all pwn my ipod Prod Equipment: Macbook Pro, Live 6, Remote SL, FastTrack Pro Dj Gear: 2x Technics 1210s, CDJ1000 mk II, Xone62, efx1000, technics phones, truth monitors Do you produce / dj: getting started on production, got some cool ideas floating around in my head. Now i just need to learn how to apply them DJ just for fun. Dont take it seriously anymore. Its expensive trying to keep up w/ the times ;D How'd you find soundpunk: same as donnie, Saw it advertised on a guys signature in a forum.
  10. Ive got a Novation Remote SL. Works a treat so far, tho im not sure im using it to its full potential.
  11. That was quick Thanks guys! Will definately start asking some n00b questions soon.
  12. That was quick! lol. Nice work guys. Ill start asking some questions in here soon
  13. Hey guys. Very nice site, love the layout. One suggestion would be to have a newbie to production forum (without the flaming of course). Somewhere where people new to the scene can ask stupid questions, after googleing that is. A sticky w/ some links to sites that have some guides would be great as well. keep up the good work :cans: