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  1. woahhhhhhhhhhh as the first noobie ever to join SP..... and to take the hugest break in the world and to check the site out again.... WOW WOW WOW it looks great... and u even got to sell your t-shirts n stuff... nice stuffffffffffffff anywayz just dropped in to say hi to everyone that 'membered lil ol me I gave up production to continue on my DJing and (studies lol).. but i'll soon start again when time allows it. good to see you all again !! AE edit: good to see cheyne likes my licence plate
  2. sydney > ehsan
  3. i duno... lets try?
  4. that is hot can i send to every1 i know?
  5. THOSE ARE HOT TRACKS. Shows what you can do in Ableton
  6. hey guys Starting to get into production more so now and i was just wondering whether any of you guys know any books/DVD's/Interactive software that can teach piano/keyboard. I used to play keyboard since i could remember, but i stopped once i started high school (or somewhere around that) so im rusty. So i believe i can quickly get the hang of it again quite easily. However before rushing off and spending money on lessons, I thought it wouldnt be a harm to just get a book or a DVD to take me through it again and refresh my memory So any of you have that "bible" of learning the good ol keys? PS: I've looked at some online tut's...but i want something to have under my pillow Cheers Anthony
  7. except jester fu
  8. i dont think we should get too political
  9. did u twist her knobs? or his?
  10. hahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha
  11. ^^^^LOL
  12. hey guys thanks for the advice @Jester.. I agree with you that it'd be hard with no pay (i was expecting that as ive heard it from everyone). The thing is I'm young and i have all the time in the world to work and get paid for it, but while i can i don't mind working for free and working hard... I'll enquire within some companies and we'll see what happens...much appreciated with all your comments... (except donnie :P:P)
  13. I (l) my soundpunk punking with soundpunk punksound with soundpunk (LOL???)
  14. NOT RELATED : My nickname is Amz... freaky and weird...
  15. hey there guys As some of you know, I'm finishing up my HSC in a couple of days so i'll be able to finally dedicate myself to making music and learning everything. Everyone who is into sound/audio engineering talks about how it is important to have experience and how the employer is looking for someone with the know-do not the know-how... So I was just wondering how one, such as myself (with little experience), be able to approach someone in the field (at a studio) and ask for work (for experience). And if anyone knows any studios in sydney and would be able to list would be much appreciated.. This could turn out to be a good topic