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  1. This is awesome fun... According to this my band is Bleeding Fury, my missus is in Insane Realm and my kids are in Rancid Fury and Dark Spawn
  2. This one's for me...
  3. Recently celebrated the second anniversary being off the cancer sticks All desire to smoke again completely gone... almost. I occasionally crave, but then I smell it on someone and nearly puke, enough to put me off again! I'm still fat tho
  4. Hello void...
  5. So you started talking to yourself... I see... Yeah popped my head over to ITM earlier today, the forum has descended into mostly sample packs for sale and the odd remix comp spam. Clearly there is no mod even cleaning up the ads.
  6. Read all 535 pages of fascination here: https://www.academia.edu/12722294/PhD_Thesis_-_PAL_the_Percussive_Audio_Lexicon._An_approach_to_describing_the_features_of_percussion_instruments_and_the_sounds_they_produce Or just check out the lexicon of 2500+ descriptors here: https://www.academia.edu/12722335/PAL_the_Percussive_Audio_Lexicon
  7. When my current Fostex T40RP's die I'm switching to Beyer DT770 or 990 - so transparent sounding and comfortable to wear. Kicking myself for not buying them in the first place. The Fostex sound great and I got a good deal on them but they're so friggin heavy they give you a neck ache.
  8. ...it takes for someone to... (ps that would be 51 days thereabouts)
  9. Oh my some fun times... The pictorial essays of sojourns to Melbourne and Sydney... priceless The Lychee Martini remix comps - so much friggin awesome music produced by SP members... thank you to all! The ITM wars... so much fun poking the hornets nest And at least two babies announced through these very pages... thus starting the demise of much posting And some real, real-life friendships and fun times created, this site made the interwebs personal. Good luck with the sale Cheyne, whilst I can't be on here very often I'm not going away, just taking the opportunity to reminisce on the days when forums were king before tweets took over and made our collective attention spans diminish ever further.
  10. Hmmm tricky... The problem with asking the question on a forum is that if anyone has a killer idea they're not going to give it away for all to see and steal. Do the teachers want an actual device/app realised to a completed form, or just a concept proposal?
  11. And another - this one made me larff... found a page devoted entirely to black metal memes
  12. Hey folks, sorry I haven';t been posting for ages, back in (occasional) action... One for those whose music sucks
  13. Hi punks long time between innings! After 9 years I finally did it - I have my PhD Dr. Bob is in the house - intimate rashes a specialty Now to get some papers published and a grant to get some help coding up some rdf/owl content for an online ontology. If anyone knows a semantic web geek with a lot of patience I'll be in need!
  14. Well here is the proof...
  15. And this one is just lego at its coolest - beautiful