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  1. wicked track - love the vocals and the vibraphone. i went to that lake a couple of times when i was a kid too
  2. hope to make the next Messy! keep me posted Lukie...
  3. love it yeah i agree with 'san - nice and tight - awesome flow and great sounds here there and everywhere. just hit Ehsan's jazzy solo hahaha gold - so much variation in this track, i love it
  4. fuck yes! gonna OD on all those PC-only plugs i've seen come and go over the last few years
  5. those things are so sexy
  6. you can turn the x0xb0x off without unplugging it?
  7. haha - that's the first time i've ever figured out a 7-letter acronym on my own in less than 3 seconds
  8. jesus - bad timing for me... i still owe Luka for a modular
  9. Here's one they missed
  10. damn sick strings in there. love the bitcrushed chord action.
  11. i do web design and production on a 24" iMac wouldn't ever buy another PC box even for games. I even bought Vista to run games on this
  12. voted best poster 2008-2009 my mates are in Typhoons <3
  13. good one (wicked poster too) look forward to hearin the resulting mp3
  14. yep - tis dope, i'm gettin nice polished sounds out of the default synths now i've had a lot of time to play with them. I don't use the default mastering plugs as much any more, I find Ozone to be less dirty when you ramp it up, but otherwise - i couldn't recommend it any higher. stability wise, no probs, hasn't crashed on me in months - it still tends to max out one core faster than the other but that first core still gives you more than enough grunt to get a killer track done.
  15. it really is one ugly mopho