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  1. Hey Jester, what's the control app you've been using on your pad?
  2. How much issit?
  3. Absolute gold Cheyne, awesome work. And a rousing 11 out of 10 for 'You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake'! I lol'd so good. It's so painfully true. ...
  4. Cha gotta do what cha gotta do! It's a work thing. Will defo keep an eye out for coolness.
  5. Hmmm.. Dunno, but I'll post anything interesting I spot there!
  6. OMG want. Lemme know when they droid the drone.
  7. Oh dude! You've seriously struck electromagnetic gold recently, innit! This is a marvel of the lost art of MIDI sequencing. It's actually really awesome. The pan flute has me spitting coffee all over the desk.The brass is fine until you bend it. The key shifts are so divine. The bass. And the U220, that shit is up there in the halls of the most wilfully forgotten modules ever. Oh god the dark ages of S+S synthesis. Seriously this is fucking awesome. And there are no secrets with you man, you've been unlucky enough to not only experience the lowest points in my productions, with the added bonus that you've been present, and even contributed to many of them. Oh shit, there's the guitar solo. ORSM. oh the pan flute. In harmony with the guitar!!!!!!!!! DUDE! TRILLS! MEGA HUGE BEEEEEND!!!!!!!!!!! You could sell this shit to an elevator company, or as some on hold stuff. Too awesome. Anyway, I'm up there at the moment. I'm making a Xmas album. Cheapest stingy one size fits all present I could think of.
  8. Let's see you open that door and scrape your knee, cager Whut's a reefton?
  9. Oh god the Macgasm, Cheyne. Get a grip old boy 1. Samsung Galaxy S It's NOT an iPhone, ergo in its own way is an expression. The screen is huge. It's light. It's fast. It's not crippled by the manufacturer. It does everything an iPhone does, plus more, and faster, better, doesn't break when you look at it, is cheaper, louder and clearer for calls, complete synchronisation with Google services (calendar is essential). 2. Roland TB-303 No explanation necessary. Not waterproof. Or scoptch and coke proof more specifically. 3. Mackie HUI It's of a fine vintage but still entirely functional when compared to the more current crop of DAW controllers. Motorised, tactile, fast, dare I say inspirational. To remove oneself from the glowing monster in front of you proves invaluable to the creative process. Has taught me to use my ears again. 4. Allen & Heath Xone:4D Revolutionised the way I can perform a live set. Reintroduced the concept of fidelity when mixing an Ableton Live set, connections up the whazoo, converged many devices into a single package like audio interface, MIDI interface, MIDI controller, Analogue mixing, Filters. Waterproof (yes, I dunked it, live, on stage) and therefore hugely reliable. 5. Aprilia RSV Mille Real men ride twins Fairly unreliable, Italian, gorgeous, fast as fuck, offensively loud, crowd stopper, scares old people and little children, gets me from A to B at warp speed regardless of traffic conditions, fairly hazardous to one's health.
  10. Classic form dude. Yack-step ftw!
  11. Ha! I just tuned into this thread. Classic stuff RB, love the photo essay. Much lolz ensued and I've slapped on my MIT t-shirt in a sympathetic congruence of awesome.
  12. Like Jester says, is it a fair deduction to draw? Like with his tape analogy, or that despite the Ford Transit being vastly preferred as the bank robber's getaway tool, Van salesmen and manufacturer's were clear of responsibility. Advancements in IP protection wallow behind the means of violating them. Interesting times indeed...
  13. Amazing, infuriating, terrifying, vindicating stuff. I guess the question is, does this expose the corruption and irrelevance embodied in the Aria charting cartel? Or does it charge full steam ahead, business-as-usual?