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  1. im gonna have some fun with these - great resource RB!
  2. ahhhh been a while since i sucked back a nice cold nang
  3. yeah seems i kinda had it backward - how you describe it Vagrant is how it got told to me last night by a few of the old boys who have lived here for ages anyway Bangkok is now in a state of emergency:
  4. bought a crap load of defkline and red polo bootlegs lately still hanging for the plumps and stanton warriors to release the remix of shifting gears as previewed on youtube from glastonbury - tune is heavy
  5. yeah apparently theres a koo on, orchestrated by the former leader Taksin who doesnt even live in Thailand anymore he was a very popular leader from all accounts - will be inetersting to see how this ends is that your understanding of it Vagrant? its hard to get the real storey over here sometimes apparently all the action is down at Phuket, besides some protests there hasnt been as much action in bangers at all - I have been told to stay around my area by the Thai's at work tho just in case
  6. P.S - Nice tracklisting there Captain will try to DL when i gets home
  7. i will be in soon i hope mate, been saving for 2 x CDJ1000's , should be this month i be gettin em Have been getting some new tunes whilst waiting, gotta say theres been a few really stand out breaks tunes that by looking at the Beatport charts have gone totally under tha radar imo. I'd like to tune into your show if its on when i'm home, what are the times and days again?
  8. so much fun taking off at the lights next to 100 other c*nts
  9. awesome stuff archie i knew they had the feelers out over at NSB for some new blood, great to see someone i (relatively) know stand up and take the opportunity! if i can polish a few of my turds up i may just send you somethin p.s - i like the set list above as well;) can never have enough of the warriors, tom real or bassbins
  10. what makes you think that site is illegal? 20 cents is all its worth
  11. lol you get your back up too easily e step away from your pc and go smoke a spliff
  12. its f*cking wickid listen to He got Beef (for soemthing totally un-plump but f'ing awesome) system addict is an old hit now but still gets me dancing everytime rocket soul from what i have heard so far they are some seriously good tunes on this but then i expect nothing less than slammin uber produced beats from the plumps :-* :cans:
  13. ahh tarekith, that dude writes soo many tutorials hes dones a sh*tload of ableton ones as well
  14. click on the audio clip at the bottom of screen you see the clips properties there is a reverse button in there, pretty sure its next to the double time / half time buttons (confusing i know - umm in t he clip properties its the second window across from the right just click that and the sample reverses usually best to make a copy of the sample and then reverse the copy