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  1. just get this - it does all the work for you
  2. lol, what a waste of time indeed
  3. Merry Happy New Christmas Year Punks!
  4. Guess who just remembered his password - I feel like I should be re-introducing myself after such a long time in non-posting land Don't think I don'ts loves yas or anything, life has become somewhat mucho busy now that I have a proper grown-ups job - and now I've remembered what my password is I'll be sure to be around these parts more
  5. had a play with it yesterday - was rad saw a vid that had a dude from moog going through it all, pretty neat
  6. I can't remember the last movie i went out to see I think it may have been the 2nd Transformers movie I need to go see a movie again i think!
  7. Please to make explain at me this story of Jimmy Page's holiday house! Did you just rock up and get a tour???
  8. Someone gave me an iPhone 4 the other day now i just need to get an iMac and I have the full set
  9. I bought an iPad - using AirDisplay I'm able to put my Logic mixer on the iPad and have full control of it with my fingers freeing up screen space. Awesome! No lag, it just works Totes recommend it
  10. Hey RB - when is your band coming to Brisvegas?
  11. link updated coz I found it again
  12. I don't think anything will change - I'm pretty sure he wasn't the only guy there with ideas I'd like to think there is some secret-super-mega-hyper-mac spec'd in his will tho
  13. *can't wait*
  14. and I think I remember selling you a soundcard maaaany years ago... FA66??
  15. you get a nice manual and discs when you get the boxed version - up to you really. I don't really see it being worth it, as everything you're going to need is going to be in the .pdf help you get... If I were you, I'd be getting the Live upgrade now and getting your head round that for a while - Next upgrade, perhaps look at expanding to the Suite if you wanted to delve deeper into it I'm interested in knowing why the ditch from Logic? I've found it to be very intuitive, and everything where I would expect it to be. I dumped Cubase to play with Logic and haven't looked back. I use Live for my live show however, and find THAT a most counter-intuitive program with an infinitely horrid user interface! I couldn't produce a choon in Live if my life depended on it - for me and my uses, it's nothing but a reeeeaaally rad sampler that does some cool shit