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  1. anyway to get a logic tutorial?
  2. please let us know what you learn on massive. i just got and would love to learn all its features. btw where are you getting this training?
  3. Well i am mainly software. sorry I wasnt clear. mainly using stuff in logic Es1 , sculpture. I just got massive and want to learn how to create my own grooves with it. reading your reply again, I may not quite understand the question, sorry.
  4. id like some info on different combinations of waveforms and the affect they have. also some tips on creating groove sequences. Id really like "to know" whats going as oppose to just fiddling knobs (its fun) till the right sound comes to mind.
  5. not really sure. im just trying to see whats out there and just looking for something new. hehe
  6. more articles please!
  7. answer here im looking for an alternative to ultrbeat
  8. caps lock keyboard and mouse. cuz im poor. will be geting a remote 37 soon. I did alot of looking and it seems to be the best right now. if anyone has another product in mind please share!
  9. just came today im very impressed with the presets alone. . its very nice.
  10. Thanks man, nice site! you wont regret getting a mbp . You will love it as I do mine. Its also nice to run a native DAW. Theres nothing like giving it a go firsthand.
  11. Ive you are a user like me post here so we can get an idea of who's working with what . thanks
  12. should be coming in the mail tomorrow. from what ive heard its dope!