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  1. I think it's fair to say it's going to be a bit of a learning curve for you, and with the help and advice that you'll be offered, take it on board and work it into your music. It's a workable track with some decent elements that need to be polished to make it into a good track.... so i suppose in a half-cock way I'm saying it was OK
  2. SWEET AS A NUT THAT DROP & BUILD!! Has a slight feeling of a euphoric trancer... always leaving the listener wanting more but jumping to the alt bassline seems to work better now. Good show!!
  3. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF BOB.......upload mp3's directly here..... I HATE filesharing sites that advertise things I don't need....... 1) I don't want to marry a russian 2) I don't want to change phone suppliers and 3) I don't want to go gambling online!! All I wanna do is listen to a tune!! RANT OVER....... OK, If you read my reviews you will find that I am honest and mean no offence in any way shape or form, no constructive critisism... no improvement!! I'm assuming you are using FL Studio ?? First thing.... give this a meaty 4/4 kick drum(download some??) and compress it, then add a tad of reverb to it. That will drive the track along.... then equalize it(compare it to a tune with a similar feel) 2nd... make the bassline louder.. that's what makes eurodance!! The lead line is weak it needs filling out... give it some space and add reverb and delay, also maybe add some pads/string to the tune and give the tune a bit of structure. last of all... make it last longer. I use FL Studio and it can give excellent results, see below to the last track I threw out!! ANOTHER THREAD.... If you need more help, feel free to ask... we are here to help each other.
  4. I fully understand that you want the tunes hosted on soundpunk mate, I personally think though that these silly filesharing links should be banned on site. You have MP3's already embedded which gives the you ownership of content which is easier to control (we have had some way dodgy stuff posted on ours... such as country & western). As mentioned above, if you do need to use our site for an artist age etc... it's dead easy to link back. There is also a function called AudioGulp which can link back to here if needed to drag in the MP3 from this site to an artist page(cool huh!!)
  5. How about just stopping the tune at the point you do........ add a tad of delay a the end of that sequence.... and drag it over 4 or 8 bars bars so then it drops slowly....... then BOOM... INSOMNIA!! It might be an idea to sample one or 2 of the notes from the main hook and mix those in at the beginning so it gives the tune a direction and of what the tune might be?? As it stands the main sampled segment sounds a bit disjointed.... add a few notes from the hook to "introduce" it? Just a few idea's :cans:
  6. Hi all, Have been a bit quiet recently on all fronts, real life and stuff!! :bang: Anyway, just glad to be back!! Quantum Flux
  7. I use FL Studio and it can give some excellent results, it has a nice learning curve and has some of the easiest automation features any music production proggy has, but can get REAL complicated and handy when needed... so dig under the bonnet of FL Studio if you really want to get using it properly. I tend to render out all of the parts of the tune seperately and then multi-track them to make my tunes. Anyways... over to the tune........ Not my usual style but I'm open to anything. This could be a cracking break/techno track with just a bit of spit & polish. Sort out your levels and compression and this is a top tune!! Hats are sweet!! Good work kiddo!! Quantum FLux
  8. Just tried a link in the User Tracks section and found it to be dead.... As mentioned above, we host your tracks for free, all we ask is that you join us. No money required, no hidden agenda, just helping out muso's who need space for their tunes. This also includes an artist homepage as well. We supply 100meg for long as you are an electronic musician.... like honest, constructive feedback on your tunes, come along, join us and double your listeners!! The best way to get your tunes heard is to get them out there Also TribalEditor :cans: (above) picks tunes for his monthly radiocast and with your permission uses them on his show!!
  9. OK... I'm one for being honest, but with a constructively critical slant. I personally think the 2 distinct styles in the tune don't marry together perfectly.... it's sort of hard Dance meets trance in the middle and then jumps back to it all. Maybe using that sweet supersaw more in the back 3rd of the track(gated) may have married it together a little better? I also think a little more inventiveness with the snares at around the 5:50 mark before it kicks back into the hard style wouldn't be amiss(one of my tricks is to use doubles or trebles at certain parts with an automated phaser kicking in where it hits the doubles/trebles/quads as well as varying the velocity of the snare...makes it sound a little less synthetic). Maybe add a little mid/top end to give them a little sparkle and a tad more compression to bring it more to the front?? Technically I can't really fault it, the automation on the sounds/FX was well put together and worked well for the most part and the production is good. Kicks as meaty as a butchers dog and percussion works well. Bassline drove the tune along well. Overall a decent remix of the tune, although I've mentioned the bits above, it doesn't mean to say that I could do better remixing this.... just casting a subjective eye. Take Care.... Quantum Flux!!
  10. Cheyne mate... it's just a case of tweak.. tweak and then tweak some more... then add an EQ to the end of the FX chain and add a bit of zing as you would normally do for a vocal track.
  11. I've tried MidiQuest but even though there's a "template" for my DSS1 it just doesn't seem to like playing. Although saying that I've had a few troubles even getting the Korg DSS1 to trigger remotely from a sequencer so that maybe half the trouble?? If I knew I could definately get the DSS1 to work with MidiQuest and then use the DSS1 as a VST(which is what I initially tried it for) then I'd be happier, but as it stands...well, sort out the VST issues and I'd be happy.
  12. Yup... another user here. Both the MS20 and the polysix have thier uses individually, but combined in the Legacy cell, AWESOME!! Personally I'm not too fussed on the wavestation being a knob twiddler (I'm waiting on the jokes for this one!!), yes, nice sounds etc, but for what I use sonically I prefer a nice analogue sound and the Wavestation is just too pure sounding for my personal tastes. I generally use the MS20 as an FX box or for a nasty D&B style bassline, the polysix for trance stabs and pads. Now if they just used the DSS1's filter on a Polysix..... WOW!!
  13. SO.... let me guess some of the rest: 303 Mini - Moog or Modular M1 DX7 just a guess though!!
  14. I definately would NOT get a Nord Lead. I've heard a few bad things about them and apparently customer service from Clavia sucks. The owner of v7music has had first hand experience of this(and he's not the only one)... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE
  15. We use a similar system over at v7. Respect or Dis..... basically it's nice to give respect to the people that review your tracks or give helpful advice.