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  1. Happy Birthday Spectrum!

  2. Happy Birthday Spectrum!

  3. I love you all.
  4. Yeah, amazing ride. And it does pain me to say I too simply can't stay hands-on across everything I would love to. Only so many hours in the day. Best wishes for the sale.
  5. Yeah Amz-Star, do you have an account login for Avid (was Digidesign)? https://www.avid.com/US/ With any luck, all your product registrations are saved there in one place. Not sure what happens re lost iLoks though. Whereas they might store serial# for previous software on their account for you on their site, but lose the iLok, I think one has pretty much lost the software as the serial can't exist on more than one iLok at any one time. If I lose that silly little dongle, I'd may as well give up music I reckon. Having said that, I do have insurance for music and computer gear transported outside my house, but I reckon it'd still be a right royal pain to claim such a loss. What's the difference in price between the upgrade and the full version? Wait you've paid for the upgrade. I reckon they might just be good enough to allow you to pay the difference. You can contact their local office here: AustraliaNorthpoint Tower 100 Miller Street North Sydney 2060 Tel: +61 2 9931 6841 Support: +61 2 9420 3066 Good luck, keen to hear how you get on.
  6. FOR SALE YAMAHA FS1R AUD $960.00 - Absolute classic, exceptionally rare, rack synthesiser. - Featuring FM (Frequency Modulation) and Formant Shaping Synthesis, this highly desirable unit is capable of generating an evolving palette of sounds not found in any other synthesiser. - 4 front panel knobs assist with programming the extensive array of parameters, however, it’s best teamed up with a PC/Mac Editor (available online, not included) for full creative control.

 - One of the greatest cult synths of all time. Includes: - FS1R - IEC Power Cord - Original Owners Manual & Data List See here for ACTUAL PHOTOS of unit for sale: https://www.flickr.com/photos/accession/sets/72157649599672997/ Available for pick-up in Albury/Wodonga, possibly able to deliver to Sydney / NSW Central Coast mid-January and/or Melbourne late January.
  7. Or how about this Saturation effect plug-in from Softube to grind up (that would be to 'warm up') your mix parts, again all for free (though you'll be downloading a GB worth of the rest of the plug-ins to get a taste in the process): http://www.softube.com/index.php?id=news78
  8. Here's some Christmas cheer (ie. FREE FREEE FREEEE...) from our friends at Native Instruments in the form of a delay effect plug-in: http://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/effects/replika/
  9. Hey Punks, Merry Christmas all... so what's under your tree this year? Has someone listened to your wish list? Have you shouted yourself something special this year? What new musical goodies are you eager to get into come MIDNIGHT tonight?
  10. Hey fellow 'Punks, so what's new? Got a couple of "Benjamin Britten" Christmas-themed orchestra and choir performances coming up: combining an acoustic snare, cymbals, triangle and tambourine up with four electronic timpani and a couple of 40" bass drums (V-Drums and BFD2 with orchestra expansion pack). As typical, it's a 2-player percussion score that I'm gonna do my best to cover by myself, hence the electronics involved to keep everything easily re-tunable mid-song and compact to keep everything within arms - and foots) reach. Somehow just wound up loading up a Mac-Mini onto a shelf in a SKB rack case along with the necessary audio and MIDI interface hardware, with a screen attached, effectively becoming a "laptop" the size of a small coffee table, I'm sure there was a point there somewhere. Will posts pics at some point. So what's happening in your musical, artistic, performing, writing, composing, or just plain chillin' world?
  11. Yeah, spam accounts are being a right royal problem at the moment. All new posts come through on email on my phone so I can jump onto them (if Jester and co haven't already attended to them) when I get to a computer. It's a nuisance of the intermanetwebz, just gotta work through them. Cheers.
  12. "the sound from behringer is cold and warm in the same time" Now there's a conflicting statement. Great info in your experiences with the rest of the gear. Meyer is pretty special, and don't they know it, hence the price tag.
  13. Ah no problem at all. What computer are you using? On Macs that come with iMovie, there's a tonne of sound efx in the accompanying audio clip library.
  14. re: "the idea is not to be just in the middle of the speakers, you need to be more to left or right" Interesting concept, and yes, there is an approximate 3dB boost when listening to the pair of speakers from dead centre (where the sounds that are common to both speakers - ie. mono - combine together) however is that fake, or simply just reality? However, what happens if sitting slightly to the left, or to the right of dead centre? Is one then hearing the natural balance of sounds across the sound-stage? If sitting slightly to the left, would one be tempted to turn DOWN sounds in the left channel and turn UP sounds in the right channel to compensate from the non-central listening position? Personally, I'd go with sitting dead centre so I know my left/right positioned sounds are able to set predictably. Also the whole panning of a single sound left, right, and centre is an interesting one. Many mixers employ a -3dB dip dead centre so the sounds don't appear to come across stronger when set to the middle of the soundstage (ie. when both left and right speakers are playing exactly the same sound to combine and appear louder than if it were panned just left, or just right). More info on this here: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/nov05/articles/qa1106_6.htm
  15. Mighty big welcome to all our recent 'Punks.