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  1. i hear a 2 beat techno drum loop ??? not sure what your trying to achieve
  2. turbo diesel.... triton is top of the pack atm fuckin nice trucks
  3. d16 group buy http://d16.pl/index.php?menu=250 $39 euro about $55 aud and if they get enough buyers you get 6 x d16 plugs
  4. 1. my coffee maker do i really need to explain? 2. great in traffic jams and waiting for your wife to try clothes on at myer 3. when you really need to bring the brrwwweeeeeeeeerrrrrrrwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaappppptttttzzzzzzzzz! 4. just a computer but a nice one it's fast too 5. the power of the samurai (cuts up tomatos real good)
  5. you want vice clamp compession ... you want bit crushers, levels of distortion, ring modulation, pitch shifters and delays
  6. yeah it's included in cubase 5 ...... nothing too special in it though
  7. been busy writing heaps of stuff for lot 49 and disconnected to be released in the near future ... getting them into a live set here's a snippet of 3 tracks http://dl.dropbox.com/u/98006/HPS_66_6_live_preview.mp3
  8. i have a zip up padded bag thingy that i use when i travel and i need mah donglez ..... i got it with an external usb HDD enclosure , i keep chargers inears and small cables in it aswell
  9. you can't export mp3 from live
  10. i don't think there a genre specific synthesizers .. i think there are genre specific programmers
  11. just got it up and running and it seems to be working great now
  12. http://www.recordlabelrecords.org/Waldorf_Blofeld_Editor/ this one is the bomb
  13. anything can be used as a musical instrument .... as CT said saucepans can be used as an instrument .... i think your only limited by your imagination .. by having boundaries of pre conceived ideas you limiting yourself to those boundaries and therefore cannot explore or expand any further.. any electronic instrument is relying on the same method of actually creating sound as a computer is .. what is the difference between someone playing a nord stage ( a completely valid instrument even for the person with totally traditionally restricted ideals) than a laptop with a controller playing ev 88 electric piano soft synth? both are needing a specific set of DSP instructions to generate the sound and a human to interact with a keyboard to organise the sounds
  14. welcome kristian those bots are out of control