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  1. Sorry to raise a zombie thread from the dead, but apparently that wasn't the final instalment. geoSync has been picked up by New York label Plan B Recordings (who released my 'Noord EP' last year), professionally mastered, and will be released tomorrow (available through I'll post the exact details tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out this video for one of the tunes, that was put together by Lola, one of Plan B's stalwarts: hmmm... embed not working... here's the link:
  2. PS. Love the other tunes you've got up there as well!
  3. ^^^ Pretty much my policy, though I don't always make unsigned stuff downloadable - happy to give it away, but I kinda like people to make contact personally to get a copy... not sure if it's a winning strategy though, more a feelgood thing!
  4. Wish I could be usefully critical, but this track rocks - love the bassline, it just rolls! Nice work!
  5. It sits really nicely in the mix, but yeah, i was gonna say that player's a machine if it's recorded live!
  6. Very cool - thought I was in Bukem territory at the start there! The rhodes-y sorta sound isn't quite doing it for me - maybe a little phase or something to make it more interesting (just a personal opinion though). Bass is very nice - is that live or a sampler/synth?
  7. Love this, great groove and atmosphere, even if I was hoping for some 'One In A Lifetime' samples (hmmm... that gives me an idea...) Actually, now that I think about it, it could have been Daryl Braithwaite samples... phew!
  8. Just a final installment in this saga - I've put the EP up on Soundcloud, so you can listen to it below in the order intended: Thanks all for all the feedback!
  9. Sounds great to me - great percussion mix, as always, and the bass and electric piano work really nicely together (I was expecting something totally different when you mentioned piano!). BTW, I've embedded the track below (you can use the Flash embed option):
  10. Looks interesting, but I couldn't tell from the website a) is it in AU format? and do you need an iLock? I'm using a Novation Nio as my interface, and it comes with a not bad little set of guitar/bass effects... though recently I've been exploring the Logic effects - as long as you can run it at super low latency (which you can with the Nio), they're damn cool!
  11. Nice tune! Those toms sound great, and the vocal sample works really well. The congas that come in toward the end are maybe a little dry is my only comment... but that's really just to avoid sounding like a crazed fanboi! Seriously, once it gets up and running, it's got a great swing to it!
  12. Not sure if I've mentioned this one here before, but it's been in the works quite a while, and actually got a (very dodgy) release last year... long story, but the important part is that there was no contract in place and the "for sale" version is substandard quality! So here, free for you listening pleasure and in glorious 320k Technicolor MP3... Echoboomer:
  13. ooh, I'm gonna have a play around with that hat technique (in a totally non-trademark-infringing way, of course! )...
  14. Amen... I still don't quite believe there's not an easy way to do that which I'm just not aware of...
  15. two options, one destructive (under the Transform option), the other slightly less so (convert the clips to Apple loops using Apple Loop Utility). There may be other ways, but those are the only ones I use.