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  1. Merry Xmas punks... Sorry you have to endure such a non lineup for Breakfast this year Phil. Thats balls for a festival at this time of year here. i leave you with the peace frog. Ribbit...
  2. I was all keen to go and had made preparations to do so this morning as a little dark horse surprise for you all but i have just been lumped with having to stay around for a major shutdown at work overnight... :angry: Was really looking forward to catching up with you guys under some better circumstances. Catch you on the next one.
  3. For questions like this i reckon search the Abelton DJ forums. Hopefully soon i will be able to try this one out.
  4. Sorted. Looks like this will be the way i go then. Thanks guys
  5. So how is everyone progressing now that this thread has a bit of mileage on it? Looks like it will be this or Cubase sometime in the next month or 2...
  6. Twas a most wonderful day.
  7. Cant believe i have only just stumbled across this now...
  8. I have noticed that the header banner around the iD, log in area and search tag is cut in half approx. Firefox 3 on OSX. Other than that. Very swish
  9. I guess i will be holding onto mine for a while then... No FW400 = Fail. That alone will make a hell of a difference for the producer crowd.
  10. Simply awesome. Even more so given the recent butchering by Deadmau5...
  11. ;D There are a few usernames over on eyeteeemmzzz that would be totally down with this piece of shit.
  12. Its a bit like people wanting to be avantgarde when its rather passe If it gets the job done in splendid reliable fashion then who cares whether its a flaming cassette, HD, CD or bit of black wax from the last century FFS...
  13. Guestlist? Congrats to the both of you. Cant wait to meet the little miss. She shares her birthday with Rasputin, Benito Mussolini and Alexandra Paul from Baywatch if on the 29th If on the 28th, Pink Floyd Keyboardist Rick Wright, Jacqui O and Lori Loughlin as well as my problem child sister... Could be one hell of an interesting child...
  14. So when we talk boost and shelve... what are we talking about. Boost - how much? or just enough to get the sound peeking out of the mix. Shelve - Exactly what are we doing here?
  15. yip yip! :clap: