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  1. All these forums start somewhere - years ago the forums you've posted were a joke with low traffic. Years ago people used MySpace and not Facebook. Years ago Soundcloud was a way for you to share and promote new music and idea's... You need to figure out what you can bring to the table that these other forums don't have, IMO. One of the biggest successes on here a few years ago was the remix comps. Another one was the user review/comments section on new tracks - where we tried to provide constructive feedback to help people refine their craft. The offer for the engineering tutorials is nice - but maybe think how to promote that to drive traffic. Like put a few links up so people can see what they're looking at fro this tutorial - see that value in it. That will help promote your friend as well. Maybe run a competition where people post tracks and you get your friend running the course and yourself to judge the winners of the course based on having potential to improve into something good an be a spokesperson for the course? I'm not interested in the tutorial myself. Not to say there's nothing to be learned from it... just not the time nor inclination to do it myself.
  2. PT isn't the only platform and there use to be a good amount of knowledge on here about various DAW's. Personally, i'm Cubase based and have been for a very long time. There's plenty of guys starting out with free-ware or lost cost apps and things like Massive etc. Might be worth having a PT and "Other" forum as a minimum, if you're really going to be PT focused. Your video tutorials sound great - this would probably be a better platform than YouTube for Q&A to follow such a video. Seems like a good idea to me and a good resource for those starting out. As for the user interface - personally, i'd get some more traffic before any major changes and see what the new recruits want. If you're going to try a new UI - i recon just start the way Cheyne did and do whatever floats your boat. It's a learning experience and you'll get feedback if you want it. You've probably got some idea's on what you want to see from other sites and your own knowledge - so go for it if that's where yo want to start. But, yeah, in my opinion the video's sound like an awesome idea and i'd be chucking my energy into them to get things boosted, then find out what's working for your 'tutors' and members alike, and what's not. I'm happy to chuck in my comments where they're helpful. Will stick around and help with cleaning up after spammers. I recon they'll return as the traffic goes up again. Sounds like you're keen, though! Get this place jumpin' again
  3. Beer, coke and hookers. And maybe a blackjack table. Nah... forget the blackjack. More seriously, you probably need to attract some n00b's and some "fresh blood". There's been no new questions posed and i guess some of the older techy guys that are/were frequenting the site don't have the time or inclination just to develop new content any more. You might find having general social chit-chat beneficial as well. A community isn't a community without it. Good Luck!
  4. Only choice is to wire in parallel... but are you using pre-made speaker enclosures or are you buying the drivers and fitting them in an enclosure with crossover etc? If they're a premade type unit, do they have internal crossovers or are you planning to use an external active crossover? You're going to struggle to find an amp that will handle the low impedance of 4 x 4ohm spears in parallel - it's 1 ohm nominal impedance and most commercial amps will handle about 2 ohms at best. Really you'll want 2 x 2 channel amplifier which will allow you to run 2 speakers per channel - 4 speakers per amplifier.
  5. I'm guessing by the emoticon this describes a bit more about their conception than you'd like it to have
  6. Dude, i can tell you being fat is probably a harder habit to kick If you really want to put yourself off smoking, have a cigar. Every time my missus gets the urge i light one up... but she's only had a drag once and nearly choked! You smokers are too use to inhaling and THAT is the first rule of cigar smoking - don't inhale. I've never had an issue as i've never smoked them cancer sticks!
  7. WOW - too many keys for him, mate.
  8. Hey mate. I can't offer any real advice as not a massive user... but bump to your thread so it gets noticed!!
  9. I like how the spammers now started posting in the spammer thread. Maybe we should just given them their own thread? That way they can spam each other...
  10. I know - fine effort, aye! The forum was all Jester thing's for at least a month before some legit posting happened. It's almost as quiet here as over at ITM!
  11. I think the biggest thing with the Beyers is that they fit OVER the ear and apply pressure to your skull... where most headphones squash or touch the ear itself. This makes the Beyers really comfy for very long periods. AudioTechnica make good sounding headphones, but i don't personally think they have the durability of the Beyers. I've also found over the years that you can rebuild Beyers in replacement parts for basically what it costs you to buy a new set. Try and do that with any of the other brands and you'll go bankrupt... nearly Try them both out - it sounds like you're in the right price bracket and you're looking at the right models so it's going to come down to personal choice. I don't think you'll find either a bad option.
  12. Beyerdynamic DT770Pro or the main stay - Sennheiser HD25's. Personally the 770's would be my pick as they're nicer to wear, everything is available as a spare and they sound good. So good their 'open' version cousin, the DT990Pro, is still pretty much the benchmark for studio use. They're loud, but they don't distort so you'll happily go deaf full spectrum The HD25's are tried and true for club use, but they don' sound that great, they're uncomfortable if worn for long periods and they're expensive for what you get. Both are really at what the upper end of the budget of anyone should be... but not being sure what country you're in and how much you want to spend it's hard to recommend anything but what i'd consider the better options. Not to say they're the most expensive option... but they're also not the cheapest. Your best option is to rock down to your local audio or DJ shop and give a few pairs a try. Most places have them on demo - well, i'm assuming you're in NZ/Aus/UK/USA where it's normal to be able to audition before buying.
  13. Well, it's still surviving better than ITM at present. Good luck with the sale - it was a great thing when it started and some new blood into the mix might be just what's needed.
  14. How about an auto tune, that actually makes singers sound good? Hasn't been done before... OR, you could make a machine that records when cats fight and then restructures them to make Britney Spears songs. No - that's definitely been done... Hmmm... this is tuff... Why don't you try doing an surround system where you use phase shifting and time alignment to move the sound focal point around the room... without needing to encode the sound. I.e. take a mono source and do it. Not completely novel - but for a final year project, i'm surprised they want you to do something totally novel. Normally you're taking something and making it better or proving it works is generally enough for a final year. Novel idea's are for PhD's in my experience.
  15. Yeah... check out the chomping jester - all down the forum, baby.