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  1. i am quite friendly, feel free to ask away ;D
  2. well the lovely crew at GBG technology loaned me a brand new SSL Alpha strip for a trial, and well im in love (please dont tell my girlfriend!) the preamp ranges from stunning clean tones thru to i nice subtle distortion with the use of the VHD (variable harmonic distortion) knob. i found it stunning on female vocals, accoustic guitar and just as a bit of a laugh i tryed it on a miked up eukele. it sounded great! the EQ section, well musical is the only way to discribe it. hi & lo shelf with a parametric mid band. on all sources it sounded great, very subtle. for just over $2500 aus i have to ask, what reasons are there not to buy one? well, im getting my demo unit back. i think you guys need to try one out! Jude May
  3. heya y'all. im using cubase as my sequencer, just thought id share a few key commands for those that dont know them already. F1 = help (we all need a bit from time to time) F2 = transport bar (set your projects tempo hete as well as viewing time display and i/o status F3 = Mixer. F4 = VST i/o setup. if you have a multi in/out sound card and/or an externan mixer you will find yourself here quite abit F5 = F6 = F7 = F8 = video player. if you are writing music to video this will come in very handy. you have the option of selecting alternate video output (eg, external monitor) in device setup menu. F9 F11 = this is where you select VST instruments. create a midi track and assign the output of the track to your synth of choice F12 = displays CPU and disk usage. this is just a quick run down of some of the more basic shortcuts in cubase. if you have any more please feel free to post them. same goes for logic, protools, sonar etc Jude