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  1. A whole big pack of PDF's containing some very useful articles on various sound engineering topics. Author Notice: All articles within this pack were written and provided by Sound On Sound Magazine - List of file's below: Advanced Compression - 1.pdf Advanced Compression - 2.pdf Advanced Gating - 1.pdf Advanced Gating - 2.pdf Advanced Reverb - 1.pdf Advanced Reverb - 2.pdf Alternative Uses For Auto-Tune .pdf Audio Cables & Wiring.pdf Choosing A Recording Setup.pdf Digidesign's Pro Tools Explained 1.pdf Digidesign's Pro Tools Explained 2.pdf Digidesign's Pro Tools Explained 3.pdf eartraining.pdf Faq Metering.pdf Faq Patchbays.pdf Faq Reducing Noise.pdf Faq Reverb.pdf Faq Using Mics.pdf Faq Voice Channels.pdf Getting A 'Produced' Sound.pdf Getting More Bass In Your Mix .pdf How & When To Use Mix Compression.pdf Improving Your Stereo Mix(1).pdf Introduction to Mixer Automation - 1.pdf Introduction to Mixer Automation - 2.pdf Making The Most Of PC System Resources.pdf Mastering On Your Pc.pdf Matching The Phase Of Mic & Di Signals.pdf Mixing Multitracked Drums.pdf Pc Hard Drive Audio Recording.pdf PC Soundcards.pdfPractical Mixing.pdf Recording Acoustic Guitar.pdf Recording Bass Guitar .pdf Recording Brass & Reeds.pdf Recording in One Room.pdf Recording Lead Vocals.pdf Recording Real Drums.pdf Recording Real Pianos.pdf Recording Strings.pdf Reducing Unwanted Background Noise In The Studio.pdf Secrets Of Warmth And Air.pdfStereo Editing 1.pdf Stereo Editing 2.pdfStereo Editing 3.pdf Studio Acoustics.pdf Surround Sound Explained Part 1.pdf Surround Sound Explained Part 2.pdf Surround Sound Explained Part 3.pdf tUnderstanding and Using Directional Mics.pdf Understanding Monitoris Part1.pdf Understanding Monitoris Part2.pdf Using EQ.pdf Using Microphones.pdf Virtual Mixers.pdf Download Here
  2. I should of introduced Royven earlier, sorry guys, i'm handing over the reins to him so he can try to drive some more activity to the site. It's no secret i've not been around enough for a while to give the place the attention it needs, so heres hoping some new blood and motivation will do the trick.
  3. It hurts me to say, but i'm putting SoundPunk up for sale. I no longer have the time to manage or build the social activity around the forums and so i'm going to put it up for sale and pass on the torch to someone who can. Traffic has been slowly declining over the years and we are running at about 1/4 of the activity we used to. We've been running this place since 2007 and it's been a fun ride. The remix competitions, the banter, the flame wars with ITM. Most of the original crew are busy nowadays and don't have much time for forums, so hopefully someone new can come along and revive the place with some new energy and content. Big shout out to Jester_Fu, Spectrum, rhythmboy, Captain Terrific and the rest of the original crew who made this place awesome back in the day. The listing for the auction is here: Of course you can message me privately if you would prefer to discuss directly or have any questions. There is a reserve set and I have to approve the final sale, so I won't be giving away 8 years work for nothing and there's every chance it won't sell anyway. I'll keep you guys updated on the progress. Cheers guys
  4. Thanks Royven She's in your hands now. An FYI for anyone else reading this, i'm handing over the reigns of the site to Royven. He's a musician himself, want's to revive the site and continue to build the community so make him welcome
  5. I know , kind of ironic isnt it.
  6. Thanks guys. Yea, those days were great. When you could spend hours a day on forums talking away. If only I had that much time to spare nowadays Ahh yes, the remix comps. They were great, the days before SoundCloud when you had to upload files and manually embed MP3 players on the website. Haha.
  7. So lets build this community .. and lets start by introducing your selves ... My names Cheyne , from Sydney Australia Im primarily a Network Engineer , Working as a full time network administrator for a nation wide enterprise. I have my head in a computer a good 16 hours a day , so I try to put some of that to good use ... aka , welcome to soundpunk .. I do web development and design part time , more freelance work than anything , and develop web sites for everyone from medium sized business's to DJ's and bands .. My favorite piece of kit in my digital setup is probably my MOTU ultralight ... its just a kick ass unit .. my Gibson Epiphone Black Beauty 2006 is also equal if not more a loved piece of hardware I played guitar for 6 years , and only recently picked it back up again after pretty much giving it up for the last 2 .. Im into every thing from Ambient prog to driving prodigy style breaks ... so pretty much everything ... I run another 2 sites , which is just a site for close friends, party photos and pics from the weekends etc ... and which is a Articles and Tutorials site for pretty much anything tech , or geek .. including audio ... I plan to tie this site in closely with gazeek as gazeek is geared up to be a more structured professional presentation site ... and its articles are more likely to be found scattered throughout the internet ... I created this site because I wanted to create a community site thats not like the others ... I wanted to use my design skills to make something thats not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional and friendly ... I hate control freak internet forums with mods on a power trip , waving the "ban stick" over your heads 24/7 , so I can assure that wont happen here ... so long as your not a twat , or trying to flog something thats deemed illegal and cause problems for me, you wont have any problems ! ... Iv already put on some mods for a lot of the forums , and im sure they share the same view as me ... that is in wanting to create a quality community , with quality content in a friendly environment .. The mods assigned to the forums are assigned to them for a reason , and that is they are generally pretty intelligent in that department ... so if you've got a question about a topic , ask the mod for that forum ... Get Spectrum or Jester_Fu talking about something tech in their forums and im sure they'll talk your ears off .. ;D So anyway , introduce your self ! .. What do you like ? what are you into ? .. spill it
  8. Totally late response here, but congrats RB thats great news ! And yes, as Jester pointed out , you have WAY more patience than I do
  9. Hey guys, just a heads up that iv begun planning SoundPunk v4. Our current version of the software being used to drive the website has dropped behind, and we need to upgrade, the problem is that the current design iv made wont translate to the new version (parts will) but not all, so there will be some level of redesign, but ill try keep a similar theme. Some changes will be: * Cutting back the site a bit, less features, cleaner interface. We have a lot of features on the site right now that just arent being used, but they are consuming resources. Each time you load a page, theres a lot of data being crunched in the background and markup being sent to your browsers that isnt being used, im looking to trim this back, remove the things we dont use and keep the site running lean. * For the first phase of v4 , the front page will most likely disappear and we will directed straight to the forum instead of a front page. Our front page now seems a little stale, and theres a few problems with it, i want to re-write it , but im just not quite sure how I want to do it yet. * Revamped articles system, same sort of thing as what we have now, but more polished. * Since moving to the UK, iv noticed the site doesnt perform anywhere near as well as it does in Australia. Its quite slow actually, I think this is hurting our overall exposure to the world and so id like to work on it. Im considering using a CDN to host our files (content delivery network) which basically stores the site files all over the world and delivers content from your nearest location instead of one single point. Ill need to work out how much this is going to cost. * General improvements, better input UI's etc. The latest version of our forum software has many new improvements, for both the end users and the admnistrators, these will just come with the update Please let me know if you have any suggestions for enhancements (or cut backs) and ill take them into consideration. Cheers guys Cheyne
  10. So as its title suggests , this is a forum for all you n00bs out there who would like to ask that question that your worried about getting flamed for. This forum will also help keep the most generic n00b questions out of the other forums and give them their own home, sparing some of the more senior members from answering the same questions over and over again. "Whats the best sequencer?" "Whats the best n00b synth to buy" "What the hell are MIDI channels?" etc etc So if your a n00b and your struggling with something , ask your question here ! ... This is a flame free forum , so fear not , just ask . Having said that , this is a n00b questions only forum , if you have general questions about hardware or a software package , please ask them in the correct forum for it .... .. Ie Cubase , or Hardware Synth etc .... This forum is mainly intended for general questions beginners might have that they dont know how to categorize. ie .. Please only direct your general basic questions here ... Questions like "Automating the Cubase compressor ?" should be asked in the Cubase forum , not here ... Questions like "What should I buy to start out ?" or "How much will I need for a basic setup?" can be asked in here .... So please , if your asking a question about a topic thats already got a category , please ask it in the appropriate category. Cheers ...
  11. Merry Christmas guys, hope you all had a great day Didn't really get any presents, just got to see my family and friends for the first time in a while.
  12. Welcome to SoundPunk dude
  13. Haha, keep em coming
  14. Yup, its been pretty bad lately. I've banned a bunch. As bad as its been, the spam monitoring service that protects SoundPunk has blocked 1721 new registrations this month (November) alone. So, it could be worse, i'm just not sure how the others are getting through. I've re-written the registration challenge questions just incase some bots had worked out the previous ones. Hopefully that helps. Thanks for keeping the place clean guys!
  15. Welcome back RB! Wow, thats a big piece of work. Congrats mate It's been a bit quiet around here lately, Jester has been keeping the place alive, answering the odd question etc.. I have unfortunately not had much time for anything lately (start up life is pretty draining) so have not been around much. Feel free to inject some life into the place
  16. Welcome aboard Timothy!
  17. I have a JBL Flip and it's pretty awesome. It's rather amazing the sound depth that comes out of something so small. They're fairly cheap too. I paid about $70 for one here in the US.
  18. Welcome guys, really good to have you onboard. Please feel free to start new conversations on the boards or ask any questions you have. Cheers!
  19. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know to be on the lookout for any odd behavior from the website, iv moved SoundPunk to a new server this weekend. The site should be running faster than normal now, although there is a possibility of bugs so if you spot anything, let me know. You can post in this thread or PM me if you like, dont use the contact form tab though, I just realized today it's been broken for a while so i'll need to fix that. Cheers Cheyne
  20. For all you guys out there sick of staring at the same old Ableton day in day out. Here's a fresh new pack of 61 skins (themes) for Ableton . Enjoy You can download the files here:
  21. Hey there, Nope this forum is for anyone interested in music and sound engineering or production. We have lots of bedroom producers around here. I would suggest asking this question in the "noobs discussion" forum though, you might get a better response. I'll move this thread for you now.
  22. Ironically this post has 65 views and no replies. Im going to assume that even though the feedback around this forum is lacking nowadays (remember the good old days?), id say people get some feeling of satisfaction knowing people are listening to their music, regardless if they like it or not enough to comment .. Theres something oddly warming when you see a bunch of new listens on your soundcloud account. That, and getting your name indexed on Google as SoundPunk has a fairly quick index rate. I also think the internet has changed a bit since the days when we would natter away on forums for hours at a time... People talk less now, they just want information and data but prefer to not engage in discussion unless they need something answered.. Thats been my observation over the pas few years anyway.
  23. Stumbled across this strange little app today. It claims to convert your JavaScript code into a drum sequence, from an 808 (well, VST 808) Iv had a play around and im not really sure how its deciding what to hit what and when, but its interesting none the less. If you don't have some code to use, just hit example. You can use this code from my personal blog as well if you want to try something else. Check it out
  24. As per Spectrums request, can you please give us a little more information on what you want to do? I live in San Francisco, and use Spotify every day, so I can probably help. Not sure what you need that would take an hour though.
  25. Nice work mate , best thing you'll ever do .. I quit years ago for medical reasons, but my girlfriend has been trying to kick the habit for years, unsuccessfully