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  1. I should of introduced Royven earlier, sorry guys, i'm handing over the reins to him so he can try to drive some more activity to the site. It's no secret i've not been around enough for a while to give the place the attention it needs, so heres hoping some new blood and motivation will do the trick.
  2. Thanks Royven She's in your hands now. An FYI for anyone else reading this, i'm handing over the reigns of the site to Royven. He's a musician himself, want's to revive the site and continue to build the community so make him welcome
  3. I know , kind of ironic isnt it.
  4. Thanks guys. Yea, those days were great. When you could spend hours a day on forums talking away. If only I had that much time to spare nowadays Ahh yes, the remix comps. They were great, the days before SoundCloud when you had to upload files and manually embed MP3 players on the website. Haha.
  5. It hurts me to say, but i'm putting SoundPunk up for sale. I no longer have the time to manage or build the social activity around the forums and so i'm going to put it up for sale and pass on the torch to someone who can. Traffic has been slowly declining over the years and we are running at about 1/4 of the activity we used to. We've been running this place since 2007 and it's been a fun ride. The remix competitions, the banter, the flame wars with ITM. Most of the original crew are busy nowadays and don't have much time for forums, so hopefully someone new can come along and revive the place with some new energy and content. Big shout out to Jester_Fu, Spectrum, rhythmboy, Captain Terrific and the rest of the original crew who made this place awesome back in the day. The listing for the auction is here: Of course you can message me privately if you would prefer to discuss directly or have any questions. There is a reserve set and I have to approve the final sale, so I won't be giving away 8 years work for nothing and there's every chance it won't sell anyway. I'll keep you guys updated on the progress. Cheers guys
  6. Totally late response here, but congrats RB thats great news ! And yes, as Jester pointed out , you have WAY more patience than I do
  7. Merry Christmas guys, hope you all had a great day Didn't really get any presents, just got to see my family and friends for the first time in a while.
  8. Welcome to SoundPunk dude
  9. Haha, keep em coming
  10. Yup, its been pretty bad lately. I've banned a bunch. As bad as its been, the spam monitoring service that protects SoundPunk has blocked 1721 new registrations this month (November) alone. So, it could be worse, i'm just not sure how the others are getting through. I've re-written the registration challenge questions just incase some bots had worked out the previous ones. Hopefully that helps. Thanks for keeping the place clean guys!
  11. Welcome back RB! Wow, thats a big piece of work. Congrats mate It's been a bit quiet around here lately, Jester has been keeping the place alive, answering the odd question etc.. I have unfortunately not had much time for anything lately (start up life is pretty draining) so have not been around much. Feel free to inject some life into the place
  12. Welcome aboard Timothy!
  13. I have a JBL Flip and it's pretty awesome. It's rather amazing the sound depth that comes out of something so small. They're fairly cheap too. I paid about $70 for one here in the US.
  14. Welcome guys, really good to have you onboard. Please feel free to start new conversations on the boards or ask any questions you have. Cheers!
  15. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know to be on the lookout for any odd behavior from the website, iv moved SoundPunk to a new server this weekend. The site should be running faster than normal now, although there is a possibility of bugs so if you spot anything, let me know. You can post in this thread or PM me if you like, dont use the contact form tab though, I just realized today it's been broken for a while so i'll need to fix that. Cheers Cheyne