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New Posting Rules (Jan 2011) - Please Read
Guys, if your going to post your track here now, please use the the Download Manager. File listed in the download manager under "User Tracks" automatically create a thread in this forum.
You can use external links to your file if you wish.

Comments from your download will flow across to the forum thread.
Please, post your track in the downloads section first, then you can edit the new thread if you wish.

The only exception should be if you are purely using SoundCloud, and do not wish to provide a download link for people.

What To Post

  1. Track name
  2. Genre
  3. Embedded audio (or Soundcloud) file using the [media] tags.
  4. Artwork or image for your track if you've made one.

This forum allows for thread rating, please click the stars in the top right hand corner of each thread to rate a track.


  • Post links that require people to click multiple times to hear your tune. If for some reason you cant embed the file, make sure it's only a single click away
  • Upload ultra low quality, messy "just started" clips. You'll get the best response if you post your track when its composed and near completion, say if you need help fine tuning that sound.
  • Post just the file and say nothing about it. Tell us what your aiming for, what you want it to sound like.