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  2. Codes codes codes, i will leave this one on, but fighting spammers is time-consuming
  3. Hello Pichaku, it dosent look that complicated to me, basically i look like you will have a sound behind the dot that will be played on a mouse click or a hover. this can be accomplished with CSS and Java scripts, is a good place to find a freelancer to help you with this. roy..
  4. Hey Null pointer this is really a difficult one, but very interesting, one day while i was dreaming in my school i was wondering if i would be able to make words from violin if I played many notes at ones, so in my next music class i took this to my music teacher, he told me to dream on and i might find a solution. turns out you can, but not with many violin's no. Sound are made by combining many different frequencies, you can understand the break up of these if you use a program like reaper. than i came across some statical model used data science which can be used to predict with up to 97% accuracy on the next step (problem is you need the frequencies to be converted to numbers) the computational power required to do this math will not be available in a mobile now so this tech will not be portable so that mean it will not have large scale application and companies like yamaha, zoom, roland will not be intreasting in producing it. now your only bet is getting into R&D., roy..
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  6. Check out here for WP Engine WordPress Hosting Coupon Codes
  7. Hello, I'm a Computer Science student and I have a question to do to you. Is there a way to recreate a voice of a person ? I'll try to explain myself better. I want to recreate a person's voice starting from his voice recording. I think starting from the frequency of her voice. I have no idea where to start and looking on the internet I've found this forum, hoping that any of you can help me at least to know if this is feasible or not. Thank you.
  8. Who are the best software programmers of this world that are into AudioEngineering? Where can I find them? this is the prototype. 1.1Do you know how many dots could I refresh instantaneously like this? Maybe I should have a software version of this has I want to map a lot of sounds, all accents, sounds of nature, singing templates.Whatis the Best coding Language to make this perfect? I want the flower dot maps to be changable and restructured into tree maps and other types of visualization of Big Data according to the relations users try to see. It would have features like save to your folder, search by other folders with your favorite songs, voice command to skip and love (the website can be minimized), and unliking music so you never have to go trough a specific ray of songs. Its aimed at music producers and at creating really good playlists our sound sample groups in every branch. I want to do an audio wiki.I need someone to code it
  9. Hi guys I am the DJ and making some Deep House music, If u interested in making this type of music I can share some cool techno packs.
  10. I quit smoking too as it is the only way to help me start my studio here in greece... Greetings to all
  11. What's the correct routing in a studio with 1 sound card 1 mixer 2 monitors and a Pc?
  12. The link is not working. Could you update again?
  13. Link is dead please upload again.
  14. the download site doesn't exist anymore?
  15. WOW, a it really looks cool, what are you intending to use it for,
  16. Guys i have purchased a new truck from Liftech so i need your review about this. I have attached my truck img. Suggest few points.
  17. Glad you didn't consider Beats. There are far more better headphones in the market. If you are looking for bass-centric headphones, Sony XB1000 and J.V.C HA-SZ2000 are the way to go. They are great considering the price. You could also go for Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro it's great if you love customization and design. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is definitely the popular one among folks for the price and consistency across the frequency ranges. You can refer some of the reputed sites like HeadFi, SoundMaximum, etc. for some insightful reviews no B.S reviews. I can't advice you on headphones on listening to treble-heavy genres like classicals kinda. I'm not the right guy.
  18. Happy Birthday Imrul Kayesh Rony!

  19. Everything! 4 weeks now. Aaaarrrregggghhhhh............ No more sucking fags every hour though Soundpunk mobile helps keep my hands busy, patches keep the urge to murder stupid people at bay, online gaming distracts me and my wife and daughter motivate me. Who else has done it? How did you cope? Tips?
  20. Hey Eveyone , Im thinking of getting a new pair of headphones for just listening to music. And i want to hear your opion on which ones you guys have used and that have worked well. btw im not considering Beats
  21. A whole big pack of PDF's containing some very useful articles on various sound engineering topics. Author Notice: All articles within this pack were written and provided by Sound On Sound Magazine - List of file's below: Advanced Compression - 1.pdf Advanced Compression - 2.pdf Advanced Gating - 1.pdf Advanced Gating - 2.pdf Advanced Reverb - 1.pdf Advanced Reverb - 2.pdf Alternative Uses For Auto-Tune .pdf Audio Cables & Wiring.pdf Choosing A Recording Setup.pdf Digidesign's Pro Tools Explained 1.pdf Digidesign's Pro Tools Explained 2.pdf Digidesign's Pro Tools Explained 3.pdf eartraining.pdf Faq Metering.pdf Faq Patchbays.pdf Faq Reducing Noise.pdf Faq Reverb.pdf Faq Using Mics.pdf Faq Voice Channels.pdf Getting A 'Produced' Sound.pdf Getting More Bass In Your Mix .pdf How & When To Use Mix Compression.pdf Improving Your Stereo Mix(1).pdf Introduction to Mixer Automation - 1.pdf Introduction to Mixer Automation - 2.pdf Making The Most Of PC System Resources.pdf Mastering On Your Pc.pdf Matching The Phase Of Mic & Di Signals.pdf Mixing Multitracked Drums.pdf Pc Hard Drive Audio Recording.pdf PC Soundcards.pdfPractical Mixing.pdf Recording Acoustic Guitar.pdf Recording Bass Guitar .pdf Recording Brass & Reeds.pdf Recording in One Room.pdf Recording Lead Vocals.pdf Recording Real Drums.pdf Recording Real Pianos.pdf Recording Strings.pdf Reducing Unwanted Background Noise In The Studio.pdf Secrets Of Warmth And Air.pdfStereo Editing 1.pdf Stereo Editing 2.pdfStereo Editing 3.pdf Studio Acoustics.pdf Surround Sound Explained Part 1.pdf Surround Sound Explained Part 2.pdf Surround Sound Explained Part 3.pdf tUnderstanding and Using Directional Mics.pdf Understanding Monitoris Part1.pdf Understanding Monitoris Part2.pdf Using EQ.pdf Using Microphones.pdf Virtual Mixers.pdf Download Here
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